What Type of Asphalt is Right for Your Project?

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Unless you’re an experienced asphalt driveway contractor, like the team from Blalock Paving, you might now be aware that there are a number of different types of asphalt mixes, each with its own advantages. However, when working on a driveway paving project, choosing the right one can mean the difference between paying to fix potholes or cracks year after year, or needing minimal repairs.

Asphalt mixes come with different stress tolerances, granularity, and thicknesses. That’s why we’ve collected some of today’s most popular asphalt driveway mixes here!

Popular Asphalt Driveway Mixes

  • Cold Mix Asphalt: This type of asphalt mix makes it easier for asphalt driveway contractors to install asphalt without the need for heating, making it much more efficient. Due to a mix of oils and additives, it can be stored and laid down cold. However, it’s most often used to repair potholes, patch cracks and holes, and is used on surfaces that receive less traffic.
  • Hot Mix Asphalt: Hot mix asphalt is the industry standard asphalt and needs to be heated between 280-325 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the proper mix of material and aggregate. It needs to be installed while it’s still extremely hot for the best results. This type of mix needs to be laid down in warmer weather, as cold weather can affect the temperature and lead to issues when the asphalt is drying and curing.
  • Warm Mix Asphalt: This asphalt mix is a combination of hot mix and cold mix asphalt methods and can be laid down in cooler temperatures, as well as transported farther to job sites while still remaining its integrity. It uses less petroleum products than hot mix asphalt and to date, it’s used for approximately 30% of all asphalt paving projects due to its versatility. It’s also a more eco-friendly and healthier option for contractors, as there are less fumes, dust, and smoke when the asphalt is poured compared to hot mix asphalt. But it does still require a temperature of 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit for proper installation.

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