Extensive Guide to Concrete Driveway Maintenance


Your driveway, like a car, requires consistent care for sustained aesthetics and functionality. Over time, stains from tire marks, oil leaks, mold, mildew, and chemicals infiltrate the surface, but a well-executed cleaning regimen can restore and maintain its pristine condition.

That’s why Blalock Paving Inc. one of the leading concrete driveway companies in Raleigh, NC, has collected some tips for you here.

Cleaning Techniques

1. Utilizing Hose/Pressure Washer

Begin with a hose and concrete driveway cleaner for routine dirt removal. For stubborn stains, a pressure washer proves effective but exercise caution. The high pressure, if not handled properly, can etch the concrete surface. Novices should consider professional assistance or rent a pressure washer to avoid mishaps.

2. Choosing the Right Cleaning Agents

There are specialized concrete driveway cleaners available at local stores for general cleansing. Tailor the choice based on specific stains:

  • Address oil and grease with dedicated concrete degreasers.
  • Tackle efflorescence, salt, lime, or rust stains using non-corrosive acid cleaners.
  • Employ coatings removers or strippers for paint, sealers, or epoxy.

3. Managing Oil & Grease Spots

Swift action is crucial when dealing with oil or grease spots on your concrete driveway. Concrete cleaners or degreasers are the go-to solutions for efficiently eliminating these stubborn stains. Applying these products promptly upon noticing spills helps prevent the penetration of these substances into the concrete surface, ensuring easier removal and minimizing potential lasting marks.

4. Mold & Mildew Remediation

Shaded areas on driveways are often breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth, particularly in damp and humid conditions. To combat this, opt for mold-killing detergents, bleach solutions, or distilled white vinegar. However, extra caution is necessary when using bleach—gloves should be worn, and it’s essential to avoid mixing it with other cleaning agents to prevent hazardous fumes or reactions.

5. Handling Tire Marks

Removing tire marks requires specialized attention. Utilizing concrete degreasers effectively eliminates these marks, restoring the driveway’s pristine appearance. Moreover, transitioning to sealers with higher solids content serves as a proactive measure, preventing future discoloration caused by plasticizers from hot tires.

Additional Maintenance Tips: Long-Term Preservation

  • Resealing for Protection: Regular resealing of the driveway serves as a protective shield, rejuvenating its appearance and fortifying it against future stains. Allowing the concrete to thoroughly dry before resealing prevents moisture entrapment, ensuring a more effective seal.
  • Swift Cleanup & Avoiding Deicers: Promptly attending to spills and contaminants prevents these from permeating the concrete, reducing the risk of stubborn, deeply ingrained stains. In winter, refrain from using deicing chemicals that can damage the driveway surface and opt for sand as a safer traction alternative.
  • Concrete Paver Driveway Maintenance: Concrete paver driveways, like poured concrete driveways, necessitate regular sand refilling within joints. This upkeep prevents erosion and maintains the structural integrity of the driveway.

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