5 Ways to Extend Your Driveway’s Asphalt & What to Do Once It Reaches Its Demise


Your asphalt driveway is a sturdy investment, but its longevity depends on how well it’s cared for. While it typically boasts a lifespan of 20-30 years, neglect and exposure to various elements can hasten its deterioration. Small cracks and neglect might seem inconsequential initially, but they can spiral into costly repairs and premature replacement.

That’s why the team of professionals from Blalock Paving Inc. wanted to delve into five actionable strategies to ensure your driveway asphalt stands the test of time.

Sweep and Wash Regularly

Maintaining a clean driveway isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about preventing potential damage. Regular sweeping and washing not only keep your pavement looking pristine but also aid in the early detection of cracks or drainage issues. This proactive approach allows you to address these concerns before they escalate into costly repairs.

Immediately Fill Cracks

Those seemingly minor cracks in your asphalt might appear harmless, but they’re gateways for destructive elements. Water and chemical spills penetrating these fissures lead to oxidation, exacerbating cracks and creating potholes. Timely filling of these cracks is crucial to thwart larger damages and prevent extensive repairs.

Prevent Water Damage

Water is both a life-giver and a potential destroyer for your asphalt driveway. Standing water, a result of poorly installed or damaged asphalt, weakens the surface, culminating in cracks and potholes. Ensuring proper installation, maintaining a smooth and flat pavement, and addressing drainage issues are pivotal in preventing water-related damages.

Apply a Fresh Sealcoat

Sealcoating acts as a shield, protecting your asphalt from moisture, UV rays, and chemical spills, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This proactive measure not only extends the asphalt’s lifespan but also simplifies maintenance, ensuring a clean and fresh appearance.

Repair Damages Immediately

Sometimes, cracks and damages exceed the scope of crack-filling or sealcoating. Seeking professional help to address issues like rutting, raveling, or extensive damage is essential to prevent complete driveway deterioration. Skilled professionals armed with advanced tools can rectify these issues effectively.

Request For Asphalt Overlay or Replacement

In cases where patching or repairs prove insufficient, an asphalt overlay might be recommended. However, for extensive damage beyond redemption, complete replacement becomes imperative. This comprehensive solution tackles underlying issues, ensuring a more durable and long-lasting driveway.

Asphalt care is an investment in your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Being vigilant with maintenance and addressing issues promptly can save you from significant expenses in the long run. Ensure the longevity of your asphalt driveway with a blend of proactive measures, routine maintenance, and thoughtful planning.

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