What Material Should You Use for Your Driveway?

A good driveway is a must-have for any house. Driveways are inherently practical since you and your guests need someplace to park your cars, but they can also add to your home’s curb appeal. Properly installed and maintained, a home driveway can look nice while lasting for many years.

However, if you need Raleigh driveway contractors to install a new driveway, there’s a big decision to be made: what material should your driveway be made from? You’ve got a few options, with their own pros and cons. So let’s look.

1.Asphalt vs Concrete for Driveways

While there are other options, for most people the choice boils down to whether they should use asphalt or concrete for their driveway.

Asphalt is an excellent all-around option. Because asphalt is made of very basic materials – sand, gravel, and tar – it’s inexpensive, costing roughly $5 per square foot. The black color is also great for hiding stains, and it doesn’t need as much cleaning as other options. Plus, asphalt is more flexible than concrete, so it holds up better in areas that see wide swings in temperature over the course of the year.

The major downside is that asphalt requires sealcoating for protection every 2-3 years, which adds to ongoing costs. Also, asphalt isn’t the best choice for extremely hot areas, since it can melt in high enough temperatures.

Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, usually closer to $10 per square foot. However, you get an extremely strong and durable surface. If you prefer heavier vehicles like Humvees or ever drive large machinery, concrete is probably a better option due to its strength.

However, concrete can’t handle wide swings in temperature well; it tends to crack if the temperature changes too quickly. Repairing it is expensive as well, more expensive than asphalt.

2. Other Driveway Options

A good Raleigh driveway contractor will typically have a couple of other options. They aren’t as popular but may be the right fit for some people.

Gravel is the ultimate low-cost option for driveways since gravel is about as cheap as a material can be. However, the lack of any binding agent means you’ll constantly be ‘losing’ gravel from the driveway, and there’s the ever-present worry of a car sending bits of rock flying if its wheels ever spin. Also, it’s just not very attractive, and it’s rough to ride on. Gravel makes cleanup and snow removal extremely difficult as well.

Pavers on the other hand are the high-end option, covering your driveway in crafted stones fitted together. This is by far the nicest-looking option, but you will be paying dearly for it. Pavers are also difficult to install, and difficult to clean, requiring a lot of ongoing maintenance. At least repairs are simple since you can just slot in a new stone if one is broken.

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