What are the PROs & CONs of a Concrete Driveway?

Parking Blalock Paving Concrete Driveway

You’ve probably already noticed that there are two common driveway types: concrete and asphalt. However, if you’re considering switching to one or the other, or are wondering if it’s worth it to keep your current concrete driveway in Raleigh, NC, we’ve collected some insightful tips for you here.

Below, Blalock Paving has compiled the most notable PROs and CONs for when it comes to concrete driveways, so read on!



 When it comes to driveway installation, pouring concrete on your own is often an arduous task that the average homeowner won’t be equipped for, so it’s always better left to professional pavers. The process is quite in-depth and involves the installation of wood forms for the outlines of your driveway, then pouring in the concrete, then adding reinforcement material to make it durable. After all of the installation work is done, your concrete driveway in Raleigh, NC, will need to cure for a week before you can use it.



 Concrete is used as a building material because it’s not only durable but also relatively inexpensive and versatile. It’s created from a mix of stone aggregate, water, and a limestone binder that makes it easy to adapt to a variety of building situations. For driveways, smaller stone aggregate is often used for a finer, smoother finish that can look quite elegant. You can even stamp patterns into it if you’d like to add a nice design touch.



 Another advantage of concrete driveways over other alternatives is that they don’t require much maintenance aside from the occasional cleaning and sealing. Those that live in colder climates will likely want to have their concrete sealed more often to prevent damage. Generally, a concrete driveway can last upwards of 50 years if cared for properly, much longer than other materials. It will often cost homeowners anywhere from $4-10 per square foot, however, the national average is around $6 per square foot. This number can add up for those with larger driveways, but concrete driveways always offer a great return on your investment.


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