Residential Sealcoating Saves Money and Beautifies Your Pavement

Sealcoating asphalt means adding a top layer of sealer to the existing asphalt which protects it from the elements and improves its look. Typically, people think of sealcoating as being for commercial properties, but residential sealcoating asphalt is gaining popularity. Whether it’s for a condo or apartment complex, or even a single home, residential sealcoating is a great investment!

Five Benefits You’ll See from Residential Sealcoating Your Pavement

ü  Nicer looks

If you’ve ever wondered why commercial parking lots have that professional dark-grey look, it’s because of the sealcoating. Plain asphalt just doesn’t look very nice, but when it’s sealcoated, it gains an extra measure of class. Whether you’re looking to attract new tenants, or just want to impress visitors, they’ll notice.

ü  Preventing oxygen and UV damage

Oxygen and ultraviolet light from the sun are both hard on plain, untreated pavement. Over time, UV and oxidation will cause the slab to become brittle, which leads to more cracks and potholes. Sealcoating the surface creates a hard barrier that keeps these elements out and extends the life of the pavement.

ü  Easier cleaning with fewer stains

Untreated pavement is also exceptionally easy to stain, asphalt is porous and soak up staining materials – such as leaking car oil – like a sponge. Sealcoating makes the surface largely water-tight, so stains only pool on the surface rather than soaking in. This also makes cleaning in general much easier. Often you can simply hose down the sealcoated surface to get rid of any dirt and debris that have built up.

ü  Improved flexibility

People often don’t realize that pavement needs to be able to flex somewhat, rather than being perfectly rigid. The pavement will tend to expand in the summer and contract in the winter. For untreated pavement, this can lead to cracking. Sealcoating makes it a bit more flexible and able to adapt to temperature changes.

ü  Longer life, lower costs

What this all adds up to is a driveway, walkway, or other pavement surface which lasts longer, gets damaged less easily, and ultimately costs less to maintain over time. When it costs less and looks nicer, there’s really no reason not to look into residential sealcoating.

Bet Residential Sealcoating

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