Need Your Driveway Asphalt Repaired or Replaced? Here’s What You Should Know!

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Whether it’s for a home or a business, your driveway is one of the first things a visitor will experience on your property – and it should make a good impression! Well-maintained driveway asphalt is pleasant to drive on for everyone, as well as showing that you care about the property.

If your driveway asphalt needs to be repaired or replaced, what are the most important considerations? Blalock Paving is here to help!

1. Placement

If you’re installing a new driveway, or significantly re-doing your property, finding the best place for the driveway can be more difficult than it seems. Not only do you need to avoid any physical obstacles like trees, but you also need to consider what’s buried underground. Water lines, power lines, or septic systems can all be disrupted by having a driveway above them and should be avoided.

Know your property well before deciding on the driveway’s placement.

2. Sealcoating

To stand up to years of use and abuse, as well as exposure to the weather, it’s important for your asphalt driveway to be sealcoated. However, sealcoating isn’t typically done right away – it has best results when done around 6-12 months after the driveway is installed. Once done, it will preserve the driveway’s color, protect it from UV light, and prevent it from being damaged by rain, snow, and ice.

3. Drainage

A sealcoated driveway does not allow water to penetrate, so you need to have sufficient drainage around the driveway to get rid of any water. This may require some re-landscaping, to ensure water flows away from the driveway. A good driveway should have at least a 2% slope to keep water from pooling on the surface.

4. Finding the right contractor

Installing or repairing an asphalt driveway isn’t really a job for amateurs. If you have asphalt professionals on your side, they’ll be in a much better position to ensure every step of the job goes well. In particular, experts will ensure the ground and subsurface are properly prepared, which is critical for the asphalt to remain in good shape for years to come.

Blalock Paving has been the Triangle’s go-to source for driveway asphalt, concrete, and sealing work since 1968. We proudly stand by our work and can handle jobs ranging from residential driveways to major municipal installations.

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