Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Driveway: When to Call Asphalt Driveway Contractors


Asphalt driveways are a practical choice, offering durability and a quicker installation process. However, to maintain their integrity, periodic maintenance and attention are key. How do you determine when it’s time to seek the expertise of asphalt driveway contractors?

That’s why the team of experts from Blalock Paving Inc. has collected some important facts for you here.

Signs Your Asphalt Driveway Needs Attention

From harsh winters to blazing summers, extreme weather can take a toll on your blacktop driveway. Several indicators signal the need for asphalt paving services:

1. Surface Cracks

When your asphalt driveway displays visible fissures or cracks, it’s a red flag demanding immediate attention. These blemishes aren’t just cosmetic; they signify potential structural vulnerabilities. Neglecting these cracks can exacerbate the problem, allowing them to widen and deepen with time, leading to more extensive damage that’s costlier to repair.

2. Drainage Challenges

Inadequate drainage can transform your driveway into a breeding ground for water accumulation. This accumulation, if not swiftly addressed, becomes a catalyst for structural deterioration. The prolonged presence of water on the surface weakens the asphalt, causing it to crack, and eventually crumble, compromising its integrity.

3. Potholes

Potholes aren’t just unsightly—they’re hazardous. These depressions in your driveway pose safety risks to vehicles and pedestrians alike. Timely repairs are not merely for aesthetics; they’re crucial to prevent accidents and further damage.

4. Fading Hues

Continuous exposure to harsh elements—UV rays, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures—takes a toll on the asphalt’s surface. This fading isn’t just a visual concern; it’s a sign that the asphalt’s protective layers may have weakened, necessitating refurbishment to maintain its structural integrity.

5. Irregularities and Sinkage

When your driveway surface exhibits irregularities or starts sinking in specific spots, it’s a clear indication of underlying issues. These anomalies warrant thorough inspection and potential resurfacing to rectify the compromised structural foundation.

Understanding Required Driveway Services

Knowing the type of service your driveway necessitates is crucial. Cosmetic enhancements, preventive maintenance, minor repairs, or a complete overhaul—accurate assessment is essential.

1. Routine Cleaning

Clearing debris, leaves, and any spilled substances not only maintains its visual appeal but also prevents organic matter from decomposing and potentially damaging the surface. Pressure washing can effectively remove stubborn stains and embedded dirt, ensuring a clean and well-maintained driveway.

2. Proper Drainage Maintenance

Effective drainage is crucial for preventing water buildup that can seep into the asphalt and cause structural damage. Check that your driveway’s drainage system—such as gutters and downspouts—is clear and functioning correctly.

3. Temperature Considerations

Extreme temperatures can impact asphalt. During winter, use caution with snow removal methods to prevent damaging the surface. Avoid harsh chemicals that could corrode the asphalt. In warmer climates, consider shading the driveway or using reflective coatings to reduce heat absorption.

4. Regular Inspections

Conduct periodic inspections of your driveway to catch any issues early. Look for signs of wear, new cracks, or areas where the surface seems to be deteriorating. Identifying problems early allows for timely intervention and prevents minor issues from escalating into larger, more expensive repairs.

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