Asphalt vs Concrete – Which Is Right for You?


When installing a new driveway, there are two basic options: asphalt vs concrete.  Both are popular choices, and each brings its own benefits. Neither is truly better than the other, it simply depends on your own tastes and needs.

Let’s take a look at the major advantages of both types of driveways.

Asphalt vs Concrete – Weighing Your Options

I. The Benefits of Asphalt

1 – Cost

In virtually all cases, asphalt is cheaper to install than concrete. Its affordability makes it an appealing option for many.

2 – Fast installation

Asphalt cools and hardens remarkably fast after pouring. It’s usable within a couple of hours after installation while newly-poured concrete can’t be driven on for 7 days.

3 – Easy maintenance

When it becomes damaged, asphalt is easier to repair than concrete. Typically, you or a contractor just need to apply a small patch of additional asphalt.

4 – Visual appeal

Asphalt will typically match the color of the road, making your home feel connected to the overall environment. It also provides a nice contrast with home colors.

II. The Benefits of Concrete

1 – Longevity

Concrete may cost more to install, but in return, you get a driveway that lasts for longer. A concrete driveway should last around 25 years.

2 – Less maintenance

Unlike asphalt, concrete does not need to be periodically re-sealed.  Concrete is also harder to damage, so you’ll be doing fewer repairs over time. Combined with the longer lifespan, this makes it cost-competitive in the long run.

3 – Custom looks

Concrete offers many more options in styles. It can be customized and dyed different colors to match your needs and property.

4 – Eco-Friendliness

Concrete is literally just sand and stone, two of the most abundant and non-damaging substances on Earth.  It’s also recyclable, which further reduces energy costs.

5 – Heat resistance

Asphalt has a tendency to soften under sufficiently high heat.  Concrete is impervious to heat and is typically the better option for areas with extremely high temperatures.

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