All You Need to Know About Parking Lot Pavement Resurfacing

Your house/office says a lot about you, but your parking lot makes the first impression.

If you have poor, worn-out parking lot pavement, it is going to hamper the experience of your visitors. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you maintain and upgrade not just your house or office, but also the parking lot.

Now that we know how crucial it is to maintain a parking lot, you might be wondering how you can go about it. Well, here Blalock Paving presents this comprehensive guide on all you need to know about parking lot pavement maintenance and resurfacing as a property owner.

The Right Time to Resurface

A parking lot is subject to regular depreciation, just like any other part of a building. Some common wear and tear that occurs in parking lots include dry asphalt, which can dull out the look of the pavement. This can be easily fixed by sealcoating.  Sealcoating gives your parking lot a clean, black surface that acts as a protectant against extreme weather conditions and daily use.

There is also the possibility of your parking lot pavement developing small blemishes due to everyday use, which can eventually transform into small cracks. A quick asphalt patch should easily tackle that problem.

A new parking lot is expected to have an average life of 25 years. The exact number of years it lasts, however, is dependent on the climatic conditions and the frequency of use. Parking lots in areas with high humidity or fluctuating weather conditions shorter lifespan as compared to the ones in relatively stable, drier climates.

Why Do You Need to Resurface Your Parking Lot Pavement?

While parking lot pavement resurfacing may seem like an ‘unnecessary’ expense to some, what they fail to see is the long-term benefits and cost-saving.

A poorly-maintained parking lot can be potentially dangerous for visitors. It might so happen that your clients or other people visiting you sustain injuries due to poor maintenance. In such a scenario, the medical expense liability would be far greater than what a resurfacing job would cost.

An added perk of parking lot maintenance is also the great first impression that you will be able to make on your visitors. A well-maintained parking lot and building will give you a professional and distinguished image that can go a long way when it comes to sustaining a business.

An orderly parking lot also works to add to the life of your building since a worn-down parking lot can accumulate potholes and cavities, which can affect the building’s drainage system. However, with recurrent resurfacing and paving, you can boost the durability of your property.

What Does Parking Lot Pavement Resurfacing Include?

The small wear and tear, such as spots and tiny cavities, can be filled and fixed by getting maintenance work done on a regular basis. These repair jobs are usually quick and inexpensive. Getting such work done in a timely fashion can help you avert larger and more expensive repair works in a usual scenario.

However, if you observe the surface of your parking lot pavement having or a series of tears and cracks, then it can mean you need resurfacing. The process of resurfacing a parking lot is relatively lengthier and more complex.

In this process, professionals will introduce a layer of hot asphalt onto the parking lot pavement to enhance its worn-down shape and level it. Depending upon the subgrade requirement, you may also need fabric. Geotextile fabrics  are structures that are applied to  the subgrade to increase the strength and stability.


Cost of Parking Lot Pavement Resurfacing

The cost of getting your parking lot resurfaced is contingent upon

Location: Construction companies of different areas charge differently depending upon the material and labor costs prevalent in that area. Thus, the location of your parking lot is a major factor in determining how much a particular repair job will cost you.

Size: Obviously, the size of your parking lot determines the amount of material and labor required to perform a given repair job on it.

Strategy: It is important to go about your parking lot pavement resurfacing smartly. It should be done in parts to always leave enough space for visitors. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary losses and poor customer relations.

The extent of damages: Naturally, the amount of damage determines the amount of repair work required, which affects cost.

Looking for Quality Parking Lot Resurfacing Professionals?

As established, having an optimally maintained parking lot is of utmost importance. Thus, it is wise to get experienced professionals on the job who can provide you with superior quality work.

Blalock Paving offers expert pavement servicing contractors, so contact us for a free estimate today!