7 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Salt for De-Icing from Asphalt Installers in Raleigh


As winter blankets Raleigh with snow and ice, the need for effective de-icing solutions becomes paramount. While salt is a common choice, its drawbacks on the environment, concrete and driveways, and has caused many to explore alternative options.

As asphalt installers in Raleigh committed to sustainability, the team from Blalock Paving Inc. has collected seven eco-friendly alternatives to salt for de-icing your commercial or residential spaces.

1. Sand

Boosting sunlight absorption and providing traction, sand is a natural choice to help melt snow and prevent slips on your driveway and walkways. Its coarse texture ensures a non-slip surface, making it an effective and environmentally friendly option.

2. Kitty Litter

Though not an ice-melter, kitty litter offers traction and a non-slip surface. You can apply it on top of the snow for an effective solution. The absorbent nature of kitty litter enhances its ability to provide grip, ensuring safety in icy conditions.

3. Vinegar

Harnessing citric acid, vinegar aids in melting snow and ice. Multiple applications may be needed for the best results. The acidity in vinegar not only accelerates the melting process but also serves as an eco-conscious solution without compromising effectiveness.

4. Sugar Beet Juice

An environmentally friendly option, sugar beet juice lowers the melting point of ice and snow. Safe for roads, pets, plants, and more, it’s a natural choice for de-icing. The properties of sugar beet juice make it a gentle yet powerful alternative, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

5. Alfalfa Meal

Used primarily as a fertilizer, alfalfa meal is a natural, grainy solution for snow and ice removal, ensuring both effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Its grainy texture aids in melting but also provides traction, making it a dual-purpose, sustainable choice.

6. Coffee Grinds

Absorbing sunlight and providing a non-slip surface, coffee grinds accelerate the melting process while offering a sustainable alternative to traditional methods. The recycling of coffee grinds for de-icing purposes adds a creative and eco-friendly dimension to snow and ice management.

7. Calcium Chloride

A milder alternative to salt, calcium chloride excels in low temperatures (0-30 degrees Fahrenheit), providing efficient de-icing with minimal environmental impact. Its effectiveness in colder temperatures makes it a practical choice for winter maintenance.

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As responsible asphalt installers in Raleigh, we encourage adopting these alternatives to preserve the longevity of your commercial or residential asphalt parking lot or driveway and contribute to a greener, safer winter.

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