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For The Best in Durham, NC, Driveway Repair, Call Blalock Paving

No matter how well it was installed, a driveway will break down over time. It slowly gets worn down by the weather, and from use. Also, the ground beneath the driveway may settle, leading to cracking and potholes. 

These aren’t problems that will go away with time – they’ll only get worse. A poorly maintained driveway can become a tripping hazard, or harm cars driving on it. Worse, it can even harm your property value!

When homeowners in Durham, NC, need driveway repair they call Blalock Paving. With more than 50 years in business, people around The Triangle know they can always rely on us for fast, affordable concrete and asphalt repair.

Offering Durham The Latest in Driveway Repair Techniques

Driveway repair can be faster and cheaper than you might think. 

We also offer full driveway replacements and can remove old concrete you no longer want, if you want to reclaim the green space. In every case, you’ll enjoy fair rates, and work done by consummate professionals who know how to create the best results. See for yourself.

We’re here to provide all the concrete and asphalt services you need.

How To Find the Best Durham, NC, Paving Companies

With so many companies offering concrete and asphalt contracting services, how do you find the best contractor for your own work? Here’s what to look for:

  • A long history of success. The best paving companies have been around for years, or even decades. The longer they’ve been in business, the more they know about their job.
  • Full licensing, certification, and insurance. Never work with a paving company whose paperwork isn’t in order.  Be sure to check on their insurance, in particular. That protects you from any liability if there’s an accident.
  • Great customer service. A good paving company puts your needs first, and always focuses on providing work and products that make your lifestyle better.  Be sure you can speak to a person when you call and don’t have to leave messages for them to call back.

Choose Blalock Paving for Driveway Repair in Durham, NC

Since 1968, we’ve been the area’s choice for top-quality concrete and asphalt work. From basic driveway repairs to extensive installations, we have the tools, techniques, and talent to provide all the services you need.

To learn more, contact us for a free price estimate on your paving work.