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For The Best in Durham, NC, Driveway Repair, Call Blalock Paving

There are a lot of reasons a driveway can break down. The ground beneath it may shift, leading to cracking. Or it may simply wear down over time due to use and weather eroding it. Either way, once your Chapel Hill driveway starts developing cracks, gaps, or potholes, it’s only going to keep getting worse. It can become a tripping hazard, damage cars driving on it, or even lower your property value.

That’s when Chapel Hill homeowners call in Blalock Paving. Since 1968, we’ve been local leaders in concrete and asphalt driveway repair in Chapel, NC. Our expertise is unmatched, and we’re always looking for new ways to lower costs and save you money.

Top Quality Chapel Hill Driveway Repair at Reasonable Prices

In many cases, we can repair your driveway and have it ready to use just a few hours later!

We also offer more extensive services, including full driveway replacement, or ripping out old concrete you no longer want. Our results are always outstanding – just see for yourself.

Everything You Want from A Residential Paving Company

Why do Chapel Hill residents keep coming back to Blalock Paving, year after year, whenever they need concrete work? It’s no secret:

  • Full licensing and certification. We have all our credentials in order and are members in good standing within numerous trade organizations.
  • Insurance. Always work with a paving company that carries insurance. It’s there to protect you from any liability should something go wrong on the job.
  • Excellent customer service. We know every home is different, and we always listen to you to understand your needs before proceeding with a job. We want every customer to be fully satisfied.
  • Extensive repair services. We don’t only do driveways. We can repair any asphalt or concrete structure on your property, including walkways.
  • New installations. Want a new concrete feature? Or perhaps decorative elements to enhance the look of your yards? We’re happy to help.

Driveway Repair in Chapel Hill, NC – Serving the Triangle for Over 50 Years

Big or small, Blalock Paving is here to help with any driveway repair job in Chapel Hill, as well as any other concrete or asphalt work you may need. Our prices are reasonable, and our expertise is second to none. Contact us for a free estimate