Hiring Raleigh asphalt driveway contractors to do new work is a big order, and an investment worth protecting. When properly installed, an asphalt driveway should last for decades – at least 20-30 years before major repairs or replacements are needed. However, that depends on the driveway being handled properly, and some minor maintenance along the way.

How can you help ensure that your asphalt driveway contractors do the job right, and how can you protect your new driveway once it’s completed? Here are some tips straight from Raleigh’s asphalt experts at Blalock Paving.

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There are a lot of asphalt sealcoating companies out there, however, some are better than the rest. If you want to make certain you’re working with professionals, then there are some key questions to ask before beginning a project to get an idea of who you’re working with.

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Unless you’re an experienced asphalt driveway contractor, like the team from Blalock Paving, you might now be aware that there are a number of different types of asphalt mixes, each with its own advantages. However, when working on a driveway paving project, choosing the right one can mean the difference between paying to fix potholes or cracks year after year, or needing minimal repairs. Read more