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Blalock Paving Offers Top-Quality Parking Lot Pavement in Durham, NC

When a customer or other guest visits your operation, their experience usually begins at your parking lot. Are you providing the best possible first impression?

Parking lots are easy to overlook – unless they’re in bad condition, in which case they can drive away customers and guests. Blalock Paving provides the best in parking lot pavement services in Durham, NC, so you can be proud of your public presentation.

We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured, and we’ve been proudly providing top-quality paving services across the Triangle since 1968. We’re to go-to source for concrete and asphalt paving among businesses of all sizes, and we can ensure you have great parking lot pavement too!

Building A Great Durham Parking Lot 

With our decades of experience, we have superior tools and techniques for installing pavement, along with the best in construction materials. That’s why contractors and private businesses across the area turn to us for the best in parking lot pavement.

Our parking lots are built to last and are capable of standing up to plenty of hard use.

Repair Your Older Parking Lot with Blalock Paving

Even the best parking lot will eventually break down over time – it’s simply unavoidable. As the years pass, the surface will be worn down by sunlight, weather, and heavy traffic. Eventually, major problems like cracks and potholes begin to develop.

These aren’t just eyesores – they can be a major safety issue, threatening pedestrians with tripping hazards and car wheels with significant damage.

Blalock Paving will work with you to restore your parking lot. We are experts at paving maintenance, repaving, seal coating, and other restoration services. We know how to take even the worst-maintained parking lot and turn it into a facility your guests will be happy to use whenever they visit.

Durham Trusts Blalock Paving

You don’t stay in business as long as we have without providing amazing results, every time. We prioritize customer satisfaction in every job we do, big or small. 

To discuss your next parking lot or paving project, just contact us.